Many of our clients get to the point where they are ready to change supplier or explore new market. There are many strategies to do that. However a significant increase of using intermediary service is shown, especially when it comes to foreign country. Business intermediation is the fastest, cost-effective and secured manner to reach the best product and best price abroad.

How a local intermediary can help?
→ Rely on objective overview of sectoral possibilities
→ Be your eyes and ears in production process
→ Act on your behalf and keep mutual interest balance

Tallconsult Ltd. provides products and services for individuals and companies in the several industries. The reason we focus those sectors is very simple – we have experience and you have the opportunity to take advantage.
If you want to challenge our approach and competence, don’t hesitate to contact us on a matter outside the below. Our team is flexible to service your request for intermediation the best manner.


 Industries of intermediation:


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