Do you want to compare your clothing manufacturing in terms of costs and delivery time?

Are you looking for alternatives for your existing supply chain in clothing industry?

Have you ever wanted to develop your own clothing line but just don’t know where to begin?

Collaborating with a specialized clothing manufacturer in the most efficient way is crucial for brand image.Tallconsult is capable to lead such intermediation and, out of our experience, we have shortlisted verified manufacturers to suit any job.

With factories that specialize in active wear, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, kid’s clothing, lingerie, and more there are plenty of options and a variety of companies we choose from to make sure you get the right one that suits your needs.

Intermediation in clothing business

Finding the right clothing manufacturers for new or developing brand can be a make-it-or-break-it decision. Those who have already searched for regular trusted supply chain in clothing industry have probably experienced the disappointment of criteria mismatch. Usually the hidden risks shows later when your image brand is already damaged.

Tallconsult is here to save you time, energy and costs in communication to assure quality control of producers.

We can provide an overview of the best ways to find the perfect clothing manufacturer for your next project, as well as continues support for any future regular collections.

Tallconsult will help you to start, develop and maintain a clothing brand leading the complete cycle – from fibers supply, through tailoring process and size charts approval, till the creation of final garment will all its details of printing, embroidery, labeling etc.

Dedication and confidentially of the process strictly guaranteed.


Why you need a local intermediary?

  Unite the whole process and details
  Be your eyes and ears in production process
  Act on your behalf and keep the communication balance

Tallconsult Ltd. - experienced consultant in development and management of relationships between leading foreign textile companies and the local fashion industry.


Advantages for Producing in Bulgaria

→  Flexibility, possibility for production in small series
→  Comparatively good technological equipment and long lasting traditions in textile and clothing manufacturing
→  Proximity to markets and suppliers of materials (south border with Turkey)
→  Reliability and quick deliveries
→  Experience in working with demanding Western markets
→  Class quality
→  Highly-skilled labor force
→  Consistent reliability 

In short, Bulgaria is Europe's most reliable, capable and cost-effective solution for high quality, small orders that need to be there yesterday. Working with Bulgarian partners is very beneficial to the foreign firms as they discover great cost savings, without seeing deterioration in quality.


Clothing export

We export clothing in a full range of woman, man and child assortment as well as special garments/products from woven and knitted fabrics.
We mainly offer service concerning production of clothing from the materials supplied by foreign contractors.
All kind of caps and hats production
We make constructions on the basis of drawings, pictures or samples.
We execute gradiation, digitalization, and configuration of a cut.
We make prototypes, models and collections.
We elaborate technical documentation.
We offer service concerning accessories and materials purchase that is indispensable in execution of orders.

The receivers of our products are well-known German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Finish, Scandinavian companies. Our advantage is a highly skilled personnel with a long-term experience in foreign commerce and in clothes industry.


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