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Last few decades, strongly after EU accession in 2007, Bulgaria proved to be a preferred destination for many foreign buyers. It offers the lowest property prices in Europe and a variety of destinations to choose – from green or brownfield terrains or industrial park offices, through beautiful countryside and numerous beach and ski resorts, vibrant cities or dissent country houses for holiday or relocation.
European Union citizens can now purchase properties in Bulgaria, including land. The 5-year moratorium on land purchases, set as a condition in the Accession Treaty between Republic of Bulgaria and The European Union, was lifted in January 1, 2012.

Previously, foreigners could purchase land only in the name of a legal entity and were not allowed to own a property. The lifting of the ban now gives European citizens the right to own property as individuals as well.

Bulgaria is only 3 hours away from the Netherlands by plane and there are regular flights available including most of the cheap carriers like Ryanair or WizzAir.

In just a coffee dink time the visitor lands in one of the most rapidly changing European countries. It has one of Europe’s most diverse landscapes: the vast lowlands of the Danubian Plains in the north, the elevated plains and highlands in the south, and the beaches and miles of aquatic splendor on the Black Sea coast.

Bulgaria’s climate is as varied as its terrain, with Alpine conditions on the snow-capped Rila, Pirin, and picturesque Balkan mountain ranges, to the typically mild Mediterranean climate near Macedonia and the south.
Bulgaria is renowned for its hot or retreating mineral springs and is pointed among most popular spa destinations in the world.

Visitors also flock to its spectacular beaches, and to the slopes and ski resorts of its snow-capped mountains. In the cities and towns are colorful old churches with priceless iconography, traditional timber houses, and fascinating archaeological remains.

The country provides excellent opportunities for the realization of investment projects of all kinds. It is characterized by a stable macroeconomic environment, the most favorable tax treatment in the European Union, highly skilled labor force and one of Europe’s lowest operational costs. The geographical position of the country provides a strategic connection between Europe and Asia.

The industrial estates in Bulgaria offer attractive conditions for establishing production, warehousing, logistics and other activities at a very competitive prices (around 25-40 €/m²).

Investment projects are supported by the Government, the Municipal Authorities and by the various domestic and foreign Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Bulgaria.



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